Prevent Hemorrhoids and Piles from happening

Prevent Hemorrhoids when you get them
Many people suffer from hemorrhoids, making it clear that most of them do not know that it is simple to prevent hemorrhoid attacks.

If you have regular bowel movements, at least once a day, with stool which is not painful to pass, you will most probably not suffer from hemorrhoids. To regulate your digestion in this way, you must be eating in a certain way and consuming sufficient water.

Hydration is of the utmost importance in the proper functioning of the human body. If you do not get enough water, one of the first symptoms will be the hardening of the stool.

Dietary choices are many and varied, and personal preference usually dictates what each person chooses to eat. Unfortunately, what tastes good to you may not be right for you, particularly if you suffer from hemorrhoids. A varied diet, full of different foods, with different consistencies, and various colors, will most likely include enough of what you need to digest correctly. If your diet is composed of only a few main ingredients, and it is mostly white and yellow, you may not be getting enough fiber. Vegetables, fruit, grains, nuts, and seeds are full of fiber. Replacing white bread with whole wheat bread, white rice with brown rice, and white pasta with whole wheat pasta will make a big difference in your fiber intake.
Additionally, avoiding foods which are very hard to will improve the efficiency of your digestive system. Foods which are difficult to digest and which take a long time to travel through our digestive tract include red deep-fried foods. Assist your digestion by consuming fats and oils which help speed up the transit through your colons, such as olive oil, avocado, olives, fish, and many nuts.

A cup of hot herbal tea at the end of a meal will promote digestion, and a tall glass of water or cup of hot herbal tea in the morning will assist in supporting a bowel movement. Starting your day with fruit, particularly citrus fruits or cooked grain such as prunes and figs, will keep your bowel movements regular and painless.

There are some things that you should avoid, to prevent hemorrhoids. Many people find very spicy foods irritating, so it is best to steer away from the spiciest dishes on the menu. Additionally, caffeine, black tea, and caffeinated soft drinks can generate digestive distress, particularly in large quantities and when not accompanied by food. Similarly, suffering is caused by alcohol.

Is there such a thing as a natural hemorrhoid treatment that works?
There’s probably no worse feeling than having hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids that will not go away, day after day, after sick day, the problem seems to get worse. But, think about this, what if there was a natural hemorrhoid treatment that worked?

Wouldn’t that ease your troubled mind? No more scary thoughts about painful surgery and no more dealing with the embarrassment yeah, wouldn’t that be great?

Well, in truth, these treatments genuinely do exist, and they are all around us, now there is no on-true-magic-bullet for curing hemorrhoids. However, there are a whole host of real-life natural hemorrhoid treatments that people have been employing down there for thousands of years, ones that really, indeed work.

If you have hemorrhoids, we recommend you the following natural remedy: Did you realize that most pharmaceuticals medications, powerful pills, and drugs, are derived from natural plants? When we look to nature’s blueprints for the answer, we can eventually ditch the phony creams and medicated pads that do absolutely nothing, and then we’ll be…free. But, first, we have to do take a look at what has been proven to work synergistically with our bodies.

The bottom line is that if we don’t act fast, we could be in some serious medical trouble.

Ok, relax, let’s not think about that, the following are some natural hemorrhoid treatment ideas that can and will indeed work wonders for most anyone, it’s as simple as putting all the pieces together.

One of the first ways to cure painful hemorrhoids is to create much easier bowel movements, all that straining you’re doing in the bathroom right now is what’s causing your hemorrhoid to keep sticking around.

To take easy, quick, no-strain bowels movements we all need to be increasing our fiber a lot by eating more fruits and vegetables, decreasing our caffeine and alcohol intake (very dehydrating), drinking a lot more water, and taking a fiber supplement, like psyllium husks, every day.

Just improving your bowel movements will work wonders. How about the discomfort, itching, and swelling, well, nature’s got the cure. First and foremost, we have to keep the area super clean, wash the area diligently with anti-bacterial soap, and next apply a compress of gentle aloe vera gel to the affected areas with a clean, medical grade pad.

Aloe is one of nature’s most healing plants, with the ability to turn severe burns back into “normal” looking skin very quickly; with all that firepower, it will work a number on that stubborn roid.

Folks like us, people with hemorrhoid problems, tend to have weak circulation, at least in the private area. And if our blood flow is inadequate, it’s tough for the body to heal. We have to allow our body the proper conditions to recover, once we do that, the body will take care of itself, and the healing will begin in earnest.

Taking herbal supplements like horse chestnut and butcher’s broom, along with some hot cayenne pepper will fire up our circulation throughout the entire body; it’s genuinely a quite remarkable combination.

Taking this three-pronged natural hemorrhoid treatment plan route — working on our bowel movements, soothing the inflammation externally, and improving our bodies circulation is powerful medicine. It will very likely be all most anyone will ever need to solve even the most terrible problems; however, if doing all of this doesn’t work after a time, seeking professional medical treatment may be your only option – though that is unlikely if you follow through with this plan day by day.

Simple home remedies

Hemorrhoids are very painful, but most of all, they are embarrassing. To avoid having to talk about such a condition, here are some simple home remedies which you can try in the privacy of your home. If you do not achieve significant relief within a day or two, you should see a doctor. Untreated hemorrhoids, as well as health issues which look like hemorrhoids but may not be, can develop into severe conditions.

The cause of most anal irritation is related directly to bowel movements. If you are suffering from diarrhea, which can be very irritating, or if you are constipated, it is crucial to address that issue first. Regulate your bowel movements depending on the problem. For diarrhea, you may need to be treated with medication. For constipation, drink much more water than you usually do, and, if necessary, take a stool softener. These come in oral as well as suppository presentations.

For itch and swelling relief, treat the area very gently. Never scratch it or rub it with dry toilet paper. Dab a small amount of zinc oxide cream or witch hazel onto some cotton, and apply gently to the area, which should be clean and dry.

Many people find relief by sitting in the bathtub with some water. Aforementioned is called a sitz bath. There are plastic containers which fit over the toilet seat which are designed explicitly for sitz baths. Some prefer the soothing feeling of cold water, which helps reduce the swelling. Some choose warm water, which helps to relax the anal sphincter and increases the blood flow to the rectal area. In either case, the sitz bath should last no more than 15 to 20 minutes. It may be repeated during the day.

Many of the simple home remedies for hemorrhoids involve the foods and liquids you consume. Proper hydration is essential. You should drink at least eight glasses of water per day because proper hydration will result in a softer stool. The foods we eat also affect the stool we produce. A fiber-rich diet promotes natural bowel movements, and it should contain a high percentage of vegetables, fruits, beans, seeds, and whole grains, and a very few simple carbohydrates, animal proteins, sugars, and fats. Making changes to the diet will also work preventively. There are many natural products which facilitate adding fiber to a meal, composed of such fiber-rich seeds as psyllium seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, horse chestnut seeds, and cumin seeds. Another well-known remedy involves drinking water with cayenne pepper, which is known to activate the cardiovascular system and helps heal blood vessels.

What to do if you have Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are most unpleasant, and you want to take care of the problem without the additional discomfort of talking about it with other people. When you have a hemorrhoid flare up you should not ignore it; you should act. Hemorrhoidal swelling, inflammation, and itching can evolve from minor discomfort to severe symptoms, so waste no time.

The first step to take is to do everything possible to avoid making matters worse. This is done by solving the problem which caused the flare up in the first place, most probably constipation or diarrhea. If the swelling developed from sitting too long or from physical activity such as biking, suspend the action.

If the damage to your anal passage and anus was caused by passing a hard stool, make sure to do what is necessary to soften your stool. Some methods to achieve this include drinking much more water, and taking a stool softener, either orally or in suppository form. Start eating more fiber, in the form of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. Preventively, apply some vaseline to your anus, both inside and outside before the next bowel movement.

Your hygiene becomes crucial once you have a hemorrhoidal pathology. After each bowel movement, take a shower and wash the anal area gently with a hypoallergenic soap. Avoid all soaps with perfumes, because these will irritate the inflamed regions even more. If you can not shower or bathe after a bowel movement, use hypoallergenic wet wipes without perfumes to cleanse the anal area. If you don’t wash the area carefully, you risk triggering an infection with the contact of your feces.

The following step is to make sure you do not strain your pelvic muscles if you have symptoms of inflamed hemorrhoids. Do not lift heavy items, do not sit in the same position for an extended period, avoid bicycle seats and hard chairs, and any other position which may impede the proper blood flow to your pelvic region. Do not sit on the toilet for more than a few minutes, and avoid trying to pass stool by force. The effort is most damaging to the sphincter muscle and vascular system around them.

Sitz baths, or sitting baths, are very effective in reducing the inflammation and itching of hemorrhoids when cold water is used. Soaking the lower pelvic area in cold water for 10 or 15 minutes will calm irritation and itching. For persons who are very nervous and stressed, a 15-minute warm sitz bath can help to relax the sphincter muscle, reducing the tension which is causing discomfort.