Piles treatment

As their name suggests, internal hemorrhoids are found inside the anus and lower rectum areas. Due to their interior location, actually locating and thus physically treating your internal hemorrhoids is difficult. A doctor’s sophisticated equipment usually is necessary for determining if you are indeed suffering from internal hemorrhoids.

Are you curious to know if you have internal hemorrhoids? Check out the following hemorrhoid symptoms:

  • A sensation of itching inside the rectal area
  • Apparent blood after passing stools
  • Tissue protrusion out of the anus
  • Burning sensation while or after passing a stool
  • General discomfort in the anal area
  • How to Identify Internal Hemorrhoids

Internal hemorrhoids start as pea-sized lumps that grow on the inside of the anal walls, eventually evolving into larger bumps that can cause a lot of pain to the patient when they become more inflamed. Internal Hemorrhoids, in their early stage, can be very irritating because they cannot be reached physically, and therefore they cannot be soothed by scratching or topical treatments.

As the internal hemorrhoids begin to grow, they can become large and uncomfortable. And, as the blood supply continues to flow to the hemorrhoids, this causes them to sag and become prolapsed, especially during a bowel movement. Often confused for external hemorrhoids, internal hemorrhoids that begin to get prolapsed—or emerging from the anus—now appear outside of the body. Still, even under these conditions, they remain as internal hemorrhoids because their roots are contained within the anal walls.

Piles Suppositories

You may choose to use rectal suppositories to get treatment for the internal hemorrhoids. Suppository medicine is inserted into through the anus, where they’ll melt to form a protective layer within the inside walls of the rectal area. That will give you relief from the constant itching and stress, and suppositories will also serve as an effective lubricant to help ease the friction between passing feces and the actual anal wall.

You can try to use other hemorrhoid remedies as well. That includes the use of Anusol, all-natural treatment for hemorrhoids. The formula will bring quick relief to initial symptoms, but Anusol will also permanently cure internal hemorrhoids.

What can Anusol provide:
Anusol provides an all-natural alternative to other chemical solutions. It delivers one of the most effective over-the-counter drug solutions against internal hemorrhoids. Give you effective medicine without a prescription.
Offer relief with no side effects since it uses an herbal base. Permanently remove your hemorrhoids and give you instant relief, too.

Piles Medicine and Surgery

A thrombosed hemorrhoid is a condition where a blood clot is trapped inside of the hemorrhoidal tissue. It starts as external hemorrhoid and then if left untreated with continued straining, it may develop into a thrombosed hemorrhoid.

A thrombosed hemorrhoid may require minor surgery depending on the severity of the condition. If your doctor has told said you need surgery, here’s what to expect. First, a local anesthetic is injected into the thrombosed hemorrhoid. Then, an incision is made while extracting its contents. You will be given painkillers that will aid in any post-surgery pain. Most doctors do a successful job of numbing the area down, so you don’t feel any pain. Most of the time, you will not have to undergo general anesthesia.

Post-Surgery of a Thrombosed Hemorrhoid. After surgery, you will most likely experience:

  • Pain
  • Sensitivity
  • Relief

The good news is that the surgery is straightforward with few complications. By incising, squeezing out the contents, and stitching it closed, you will gain immediate relief from your thrombosed hemorrhoid. This surgical procedure for thrombosed hemorrhoids is researched to be one of the best methods with minimal risk overall and minimal recurrence.

Generally speaking, using any at-home remedies will not help to absolve your thrombosed hemorrhoids. If you had experienced a milder thrombosed hemorrhoid before and did not work to treat the problem, you will most likely have recurrences, and this should be anticipated. You can always try to get to the root of the problem by absolving your hemorrhoids altogether. Finding the right hemorrhoids cure for you can be done—you need to have patience and make a few lifestyle changes, but it’s easier than it sounds. You need to be committed.

If you visit your doctor and s/he decides that surgery is not necessary, then you may be sent home to take a Sitz bath, which will aid in your relaxation, and help the blood flow out of the thrombosed hemroid.

Other Options for a Thrombosed Hemorrhoid

Try using Vitamin E 3 times a day to aid in dilation. Vitamin E will help the thrombosed hemroid to get more blood flowing through it. A thrombosed hemorrhoid needs urgent medical care, so opting for an online remedy won’t do you any good, unfortunately. However, you may want to take the necessary steps to avoid hemorrhoids altogether by using a hemorrhoids cure that works. In other words, once you can put to rest your existing thrombosed hemroid, and then try using the alternative hemorrhoids products that can assist your body to begin defending itself against future hemorrhoids.

Are common in people with chronic constipation and usually appear during pregnancy. Piles occur with or without inflammation, pain, burning, stinging, itching, excess moisture. In many cases, hemorrhoids cause bleeding when defecating ( evacuate) or find blood stains on clothing. With treatments and remedies the following notice in your piles or hemorrhoids relief and cure you seek, find answers to the questions: Treatments for hemorrhoids, Remedies for Hemorrhoids? What can I do if I have hemorrhoids? How do you know if I have hemorrhoids? , What I can eat if I have hemorrhoids? Do I have hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids – We are what we eat and what we do

Overweight and Water – Drink two glasses of water before meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner), I have plenty, lose weight, and you will not have hemorrhoids. The cheapest is most effective against hemorrhoids. DRINKING WATER. The study by researchers from the department of human nutrition, foods, and exercise at Virginia Tech (USA). At twelve weeks the results were clear. The people in the group that drank water before meals lost an average of seven kg. That represents a difference of almost 30% of the group that did not.

Fight To avoid constipation Hemorrhoids. Piles or hemorrhoids are caused by persistent constipation Besides increasing abdominal pressure, irritates and weakens the supporting tissue of the hemorrhoidal veins, hemorrhoids correcting constipation improve. Oat Bran. Bran is the outer layer of cereal; oat bran is more abundant in fiber food there. It’s satisfying and absorbs up to forty times its volume of water. It will help you to overcome your hemorrhoids and piles. Take a tablespoon of oat bran daily mixed in salads, yogurts, juices or fruit juices, broths, helps fill you, helping you lose weight and to increase the peristaltic movements of the intestines preventing constipation and thus remedying your hemorrhoids.

Slimming is satisfying, low cholesterol levels prevent constipation. A marvel. Vegetables cooked with green leaves and help you fight your piles or hemorrhoids. Increase foods with much fibers as chickpeas, asparagus, vegetables, salad. DO NOT use laxatives like cascara sagrada, ruibarno, buckthorn, etc.. Malva best teas, and take honey. Avoid constipation using fiber foods. The best fiber for piles or hemorrhoids is soluble as that found in oats or apple pectin. Have HONEY, HONEY a lot, two enzymes of honey explain its laxative properties, (invertase and amylase)
Avoid pastries, sweets, etc. plus you also like your piles. Refined sugars are very low in fiber and harm the evolution of your hemorrhoids. Do not repress your desire to go to the bathroom for fear of pain from your hemorrhoids. Go when you feel like. Do not delay. To the bathroom or toilet, you should go when you feel like. If you are late, you are self-deceiving and harming the evolution of your hemorrhoids or piles.

TIP: Most people develop bowel habits after breakfast when the gastrocolic reflex and duodenum colic mass movements occur in the large intestine. Put another way: The organs have their schedules and nightstand to start the morning. We must seize the moment and get used to that hour. It will be much easier. Plums and apricots, the richest in fiber. Left to soak overnight, making every day four or five prunes, along with the liquid where you have saved, or the same amount of soaked dried apricots can be an effective remedy for those suffering from constipation and hemorrhoids. A diet rich in foods is effective and safe laxative to treat constipation without resorting to drugs. Take fermented foods like yogurt, tempeh or miso. Always unpasteurized, i.e. containing live enzymes. Yogurt is well known, and the more natural, the better. Tempeh is a cake product of the fermentation of soy, vitamins and fiber content more than tofu. Miso is a soup made with soybeans. Depending on the time of fermentation, different types of Miso, even with fermentations are 3 and five years, the most frequent of 72 hours. Very useful to recompose the intestinal flora.

Take fruit. Take pears, grapes, improve your hemorrhoids. Avoid acidic fruits. Blueberry Superfruit is used to combat hemorrhoids or piles, diabetes, inflammatory, antidiarrheal, etc.
Blueberry, also called bilberry, Arandilla, arandanera, cranberry, Meruéndano, bilberry, huckleberry, raspanera, responders, respond. Take blueberries (bilberries), grapes and blackcurrants; its properties will help you overcome hemorrhoids. They are rich in anthocyanins (active ingredient that can recover the elasticity and permeability of blood vessels affected, which are the source of hemorrhoids or piles). Tone the vein walls and help to maintain the strength and resilience of capillaries (small veins) which are what eventually become hemorrhoids or piles.
Bananas and apples traditionally used to make harder stools in cases of diarrhea or decomposition, then if you have constipation. DO NOT TAKE IT.

Hemorrhoids: Have Food RAW or INTEGRAL, your piles and hemorrhoids will notice. Take wheat bread, instead of white bread. Piles or hemorrhoids bother you much less.
Take brown sugar or brown sugar rather than white or refined. Piles or hemorrhoids evolve better. Refined sugars are very poor in fibers, favoring constipation and increases predisposition.
Remember that if you lose weight and prevent the prevent overweight. Whole grains rather than refined. Piles or hemorrhoids evolve better.

Piles or hemorrhoids usually occurs during pregnancy and is known that 90% of the gynecologists recommended medicinal plants (11 national congresses “All for Women ‘in the EMEA and SEGO June 2010) SEGO = Spanish Society of Gynaecology and Obstetrics EMEA = Spanish Association for the Study of Menopause.

Chew well. Eat slowly. Eat slowly and chew well, 10 to 15 times each bite. It works this simple measure, piles/hemorrhoids improve. Eat slowly to enjoy the flavors, allowing the body to have the feeling of satiety, and eating less food, reducing your weight and hemorrhoids. Independent study at the University of Athens. Take the opportunity to go to the dentist. Teeth grinding and the mill are human. Think not chew it well, then go for your hemorrhoids. In the mouth starts digestion, helping to prepare the food to be digested. Reducing piles. If you eat quickly without chewing. You will pay dearly. Your Piles or hemorrhoids will be happy to be your guests. Try to eat as little as possible of restaurants, added flavor enhancers, etc.

Shellfish and nuts. Some indications might irritate the lining of the anal canal, harming you and benefiting your hemorrhoids.

Salt and salty foods. Avoid salt and salty food. Retains liquids. You’ll notice a better quality of life and lower rates of piles or hemorrhoids.

Very condiment food. Alcohol, Coffee, Chocolate. Avoid spicy foods and spicy or: Curies, spicy mustard, etc.. You bother your hemorrhoids/piles if you do not follow this advice. Avoid alcohol, coffee, chocolate. It irritates your hemorrhoids or piles if you do not follow this advice.

Meals. Avoid big meals. To combat your hemorrhoids or piles, try to eat at least five times a day: breakfast, brunch, lunch, tea, and dinner. Treatments and remedies for hemorrhoids:

Exercise. Move. Your hemorrhoids will shrink. Move often, without being in the same position; you will benefit. Your hemorrhoids or piles improve.

The study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology concluded that sedentary work increases twice the risk of rectal cancer. Conclusion: Get up and often move in the office CONSTANTLY.

If you stand, sit. If you are sitting, stand up. Changing positions. Go up the stairs, do not use the elevator. A sedentary lifestyle encourages your hemorrhoids or piles. Do some exercise. Hiking, walking, etc. Who does minimal training and sedentary, are more likely to have hemorrhoids or piles. Small daily actions will help more than you think, and effortless. Your Hemorrhoids improve. A pace daily will help stimulate the circulation and combat constipation and reduce stress. It will also help you lose weight, reducing your hemorrhoids. Gentle exercises WITHOUT sudden muscle contractions, you will reduce your hemorrhoids, and you prevent.

Loading and lifting can injure your hemorrhoids or piles. You can help “move” piles or hemorrhoids. While you’re watching TV, get up and walk for advertising if only for the corridor.
Move. In the office, on the computer, get up to the toilet, drinking water, etc.. MOVE. Spend long periods of time sitting or standing hurt him tremendously. If you’re hopeless, play lean on one buttock and then the other. Your piles are reduced to stimulate blood circulation. Lower the thermostat on the heating in winter. If you have a little cold, will boost your system and burn fat, thus combating obesity. The study coordinated by André Carpentier, University of Sherbrooke, Quebec (Canada) Francesc Villaroya, (Biomedical Research Centre Network Physiopathology of Obesity and Nutrition), states that: “Could induce a relationship between obesity and excessive temperatures in the houses” Strengthen pelvic floor muscles (scheme at the end of the page). Initially, Kegel exercises were developed to reduce losses of urine and feces, being very useful in the prevention of hemorrhoids or piles.

The 1st is locating the right muscles to do While urine, try to stop the flow. Look at the muscles you use to do this. Those are the muscles you need to exercise. Note that this is just a test to identify the correct muscles. It can also help if you contract the anus as if retains gases. When you have learned to use their muscles correctly, exercise them regularly, ideally, you do it several times a day, such as brushing your teeth. This exercise of contracting the muscles as if you wanted to cut the urine or gases, is one that strengthens the pelvic floor muscles. If you exercise for 5 minutes a day, you will notice their benefits for two months. Drink green tea, become slim and reduce your hemorrhoids. The University of Pennsylvania Research on EGCG (epigallocatechin-3-gallate) and its effect on weight reduction in high-fat diets. Fight sedentary. Your hemorrhoids will thank you. It is essential that you reduce the hours you’re sitting. Researchers at the School of Public Avalanche at the University of Sydney (Australia) Study published in the journal “Archives of Internal Medicine” Negative acts for your hemorrhoids.

Sports can be harmful

Prolonged sitting on the toilet or use the favors mobile hemorrhoids.
Prolonged sitting on the toilet reading or playing with mobile favors hemorrhoids or piles. According to studies conducted by the team of Dr. Gutman director Hemorrhoid Advanced Medical Specialists SensitiveCare service in Ohio. Put another way: Evacuate AND LEAVE (as the title of the movie), do not dawdle, wipe standing. Evacuations have to be fast. Scratching. No, no and no. Do not scratch the piles or hemorrhoids. NOT. If you can not see most, pat yourself, you will ease.

Snuff. The snuff to cause hardening of the vein walls hurts you. Avoid.
Persistent sneezing and coughing. Try not to sneeze or convulsively strong, try sneezing and coughing as smooth as possible.

Those sports shake. You ought to quarantine. Do not practice weightlifting, cycling, riding (riding), rowing with mobile banking, weightlifting (weightlifting) may harm hemorrhoids or piles.

Pregnancy. In pregnancy, the tannic acid should not be used to fight hemorrhoids, since its absorption in the anus rectal area can cause fetal toxicity.

Treatments and remedies for hemorrhoids: Hygiene. Wipe carefully.
It is essential to maintain proper hygiene anus and hemorrhoids, just so annoying and avoid painful infections. If fear of pain from your hemorrhoids or piles do not clean, you will pay dearly.

Use wet wipes, warm water jets. Take your time and wipe each time. Your Piles or hemorrhoids can become infected by small cracks, and that is dangerous.
Hemorrhoids can be complicated if you have cracks, being essential cleanliness and hygiene of hemorrhoids or piles.
Shaving the area helps maintain cleanliness and hygiene.

Anal Sex. Anal intercourse soft or crisp promotes the development of hemorrhoids or piles. (Anus, rectum, eye, eyelet) If you can not avoid it and have hemorrhoids or piles, lubrication is crucial and so is staying lubricated. Inside and out. Always with a condom and water-based lubricants (NOT Vaseline). Remember it does not benefit your hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids: Clothing and adequate clothing.
Clothing and dress. Use cotton clothes spacious and comfortable. Avoid tight clothing. One of the most important factors predisposing to the development of piles or hemorrhoids is the increase in intro – abdominal pressure, which often occurs for wearing tight clothing. Hemorrhoids: Stress, nervousness. States of stress and nervousness. Avoid situations that produce stress; I will put you nervous. Your Piles or hemorrhoids are worse.

Take a deep breath. It works. When you have stress veins shrink and harden. For that reason, it is essential to be and be relaxed so that your piles or hemorrhoids develop negatively. Sign up for yoga, meditation, etc.. your hemorrhoids or piles are reduced. You will notice an improvement.

Treatments and remedies for piles or hemorrhoids

Medical consultation. The first medical consultation, in addition to the family doctor, the specialist is hemorrhoids and piles and gastroenterologist and proctologist if the colorectal surgeon.

Ice. Ice traditionally applied to piles or hemorrhoids for relief but remember that relieves but does not cure. It is good to relieve pain but does not help dissolve the thrombus. RELIEVES but not cure.

Aloe vera. For internal hemorrhoids, there is a very smart choice. It is a suppository manufacture Aloe frozen. To which, Aloe fills a straw of soft drinks, put it in the freezer and when we need the remedy, cut about 3 inches from the straw and pull the plastic, making the Aloe frozen, frozen to use as Aloe suppository. We will ease immediately.
A variant of the above is directly frozen Aloe leaf (the bright part from inside, with no skin), when taken out of the freezer, is extracted and inserted inside as if it were a suppository.

No shame to lose to reposition “stuff” (piles hemorrhoids), very gently, into place. Replace the piles in an area, will provide immediate relief, and whether for re-finger smeared with petroleum jelly or aloe, much better. Very very short nails. Once you no longer have hemorrhoids and it is customary to introduce the finger and reposition by massaging the walls of the anus, as you no longer have appreciated more hemorrhoids. Lubrication of piles or hemorrhoids. Before stool, apply with your finger a little Vaseline or olive oil, as are the more lubricated stool and anal canal where they exit, the contact will be lighter and softer. Many people find relief with an enema virgin olive oil, holding it about 30 minutes. And applying the lubrication principle.

More Solutions and remedies for hemorrhoids: Raise the bed. Hemorrhoids or piles are like varicose veins in the legs. The problem is the same, i.e., venous return. Well, just as it is advisable for those who have varicose veins in the legs to raise them, also for our hemorrhoids or piles. The trick is to put some wooden blocks to the legs of the bed of the feet, thus putting an inclination of the bed will facilitate venous return.