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Please read carefully through our extensive buyers guide for the best hemorrhoid cream and treatment in general, to receive quick relief from itching and painful hemorrhoids.

What are Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids or Piles are a condition of the veins located in and around the anus or rectum, that causes them to swell up and or bleeding. The swelling or bulge of those veins can cause severe pain and or an itch sensation. This sensation can be very stressful and irritating. The swelling of the veins can happen especially during pregnancy or adults in general at the age of 45-65. Although, men are much more likely than women to contract hemorrhoids.

The swollen blood vessels can be internal or external. If they are far enough inside the rectum, you usually don’t feel or see them. Only when they occur at the end of the rectum or even protruding to the outside, you will notice due to pain and itching. The reason for the pain from external hemorrhoids is due to more nerves and pain receptors there.

Sometimes the blood can clot inside those veins; this is called a thrombosis. The veins then can turn from pink to blue or red and usually become very painful and itchy. Here is where you will want to know what hemorrhoid cream will provide you quick and fast relief.

What causes Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids can occur from various physical properties and pressure on the rectum or anus. The pressure can arise from constipation or even obesity for example. Also pushing during bowel movements or straining when lifting heavy items can restrict blood flow and cause the veins to swell.

Also, Hemorrhoids are very common in pregnant women. When the blood vessels in the anus stretch very thin, passing stool or poop can cause irritation or even bleeding when the vessels tear. The bleeding is what leads to noticing the hemorrhoids commonly if no itch is predominant.

Sitting for long periods at a time have been found to promote hemorrhoids as well. If you work an office job, you could avoid this by getting up regularly and walking a few steps to encourage blood flow in the lower back and buttock region.

You can check WebMD for a more detailed explanation of hemorrhoids

Best Hemorrhoid Cream

Natural Hemorrhoid Treatment or how to prevent Hemorrhoids in the first place

There are a few things you can do to try to prevent hemorrhoids from occurring in the first place. Key is getting healthy to encourage proper blood flow in your veins and blood vessels in the lower back and rectal region.

As stated above many factors such as pregnancy, obesity and other vascular conditions may cause the hemorrhoids. Changing unhealthy habits to a better lifestyle usually are the first step in getting fit and avoiding medical conditions.

Try to apply the following three points to have the most significant bases covered when trying to avoid hemorrhoids. However, there are many more benefits in general about living a healthy lifestyle.

  • Eat lots of fiber, ideally from whole food grains, nuts, seeds, legumes, beans, fruits, and vegetables. If your diet is low in fibers, you can also add Psyllium husk to your regular diet to up the fiber intake.
  • Do regular workouts. Physical activity such as walking, going to the gym or riding a bicycle is enough to encourage healthy blood flow and possibly avoid hemorrhoids.
  • Drink plenty of water. It helps to soften your stool and avoids constipation, which can irritate existing swollen blood vessels and cause pain and itching.

Check out Wikipedia on how to prevent hemorrhoids for other options.

Hemorrhoid creams and how to use them correctly

Sometimes the hemorrhoids are already advanced and are quite painful. Hemorrhoid Creams can treat some of the symptoms and soothe the pain very effectively through an added ingredient Hydrocortisol. Depending on the gravity of your condition, and what exact condition (protruding hemorrhoids or external hemorrhoids) you have. Applying these creams can make a worlds difference in pain relief and may be your best bet to treat your hemorrhoids.

You will not be able to heal the hemorrhoids, but manage some degree of the pain and itch until the healing process has completed or you were able to seek medical attention. The following creams are the most popular and by far the most effective ones. But remember everybody is different. What works for one must not work for someone else. Try out the different brands before you dismiss it if they don’t work from the get-go.

The following creams are the best with regards to pain and symptom relief, tested by thousands of hemorrhoid sufferers. There is no guarantee that they will work on you. There are many more creams available on Amazon or other drug store retail outlets. If they don’t work for you, try other creams and see if you get relief.

Active ingredients in Hemorrhoids Creams and how they work

The high-end hemorrhoid creams give instant relief of the pain and itch deriving from hemorrhoids. The creams differ in their active agents that are used to treat the several different conditions and symptoms. Try different creams if one is not helping you. Their composition is essential in treating your hemorrhoid. There are

  • Hydrocortisone based formulas (great to treat itching)
  • Mineral oil and Zinc oxide based (good to treat dry and irritated skin around the anus)
  • Benzocaine / Pramoxine / Lidocaine based (provide instant pain relief)

Cooling Sensation

Cooling usually provides help with pain and soreness / irritated skin around your anus. Cold compresses also help in this regard and can be combined with any of the other hemorrhoid treatments.

Texture and Viscosity

Hemorrhoid creams or over the counter remedies come in a wide variety of viscosity – from thin gels to very thick creams and lotions. Application varies depending on the texture and also on your personal preference.

Best over the counter Hemorrhoid Creams

Dr. Butler’s Maximum Strentgh

Topseller on Amazon

Doctor Butler’s Maximum Strenght Hemorrhoid & Fissure Ointment is one of the most popular and liked creams on the market. Amazon’s Number One selling hemorrhoid treatment by far!

Fully FDA approved and produced and developed in the United States of America. Very rigorous quality control and testing of all natural ingredients. The cream was developed by a board of certified proctologists and uses only organic herbs of the highest quality, various minerals, and amino acids.

Many of the reviews mention the quick pain relief and the long-term effect of their hemorrhoids. Try it out if you are seeking immediate remedy for your condition.

Preparation H

Lidocaine Active Agent

Preparation H is another very popular over the counter hemorrhoid relief cream. Due to the maximum strength formula also contains the natural herbs and minerals, including the Hydrocortisol that reliefs the pain quickly. Apply generously on any external or protruding hemorrhoid and apply the same hygiene standards needed to keep the rectum or anal area clean.

If Doctor Butler’s Ointment doesn’t work for you, Preparation H is very much your best bet. Try it out and see if this cream works. Some will even prefer this cream to others as allergies, and other physical conditions may prefer this formula over another cream.

Tronolane Anesthetic

Hydrocortisol Active Agent

Tronolane is yet another very well known brand of Hydrocortisol creams. Unlike the other two creams mentioned above, the Tronolane includes lidocaine and is odorless. Apply up to five times a day for fast and immediate pain relief and shrinkage of the external hemorrhoids.

If you don’t feel great relief after seven days, discontinue the use and seek medical attention from a professional. You may have a more severe form of hemorrhoids or even another condition that need’s the appropriate treatment.


Lidocaine Active Agent

This anorectal solution is frequently recommended by therapeutic experts for alleviating ache. It can be utilized for reducing pile manifestations and additional Anorectal Disorders. It functions efficiently for both exterior and inner piles.

The solution consists of 5% lidocaine, an active anesthetic agent that allows to help numb the discomfort and offer instant relief. When compared to other lotions, this one provides even more lidocaine. Therefore, it’s an effective pain treatment for discomfort triggered by piles.

Its anti-itch property can calm the afflicted areas and alleviate the discomfort. It is relatively smooth on pores and skin and does not trigger any flaring up of the epidermis. It is a transparent and unfragrant emulsion that will not leave behind any remains or spots on your clothing.


Dibucaine Active Agent

In place of lidocaine, it takes advantage of dibucaine that offers a powerful numbing attribute. And furthermore, the numbing benefit of dibucaine endures much longer when compared to lidocaine. This cream as well consists of petroleum and minerals oils that lubricate your rectum for unrestricted bowel routines. Aside from this, it even calms and guards the afflicted spaces.

The producer boasts that the solution can offer Eight hours of total liberation coming from the pains. It additionally allows accelerating the recovery progress.

Nevertheless, this excellent cream directly delivers short-term alleviation coming from piles. It does not possess the capability to reduce the flesh. If you are searching for no more than pain removal, this can be a preferred option.

Mayinglong Musk

Natural and organic TCM

This piles cream is made utilizing a Chinese classic natural and organic mixture that was created many years ago by The Ma Ying Long Family. It is the most valued and used piles’ balm in China. The combination of the ingredients is powerful in alleviating the itchiness, flaring and different pains linked with hemorrhoids. Much like Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the salve clears warmth and poisonous substances and encourages revitalization.

It is an exclusive mix of pearl, amber, synthetic bezoar, synthetic musk, Vaseline, and lanoline. The mixture of elements repairs the afflicted region on a cell-based level. It creates a protecting layer over the irritated anorectal area and quickly reduces the hemorrhoidal flesh. Being a natural solution, it doesn’t consist of any chemical compounds, unnatural substances, and harmful components. It gives long lasting and chilling feeling in the afflicted region. This powerful solution offers a refreshing and aromatic smell.


Quick Relief with Pramoxine

Equate is a respected manufacturer in regards to producing solutions that have encouraging benefits. The cream is a uniquely developed remedy that is incredibly powerful in focusing on the discomfort, ache, and heating connected with piles.

This kind of remedy functions with diminishing the enlarged hemroid skin and creating a protective coating above the inflamed flesh. One of the active substances utilized in this remedy is glycerine, petroleum, phenylephrine HCl, and pramoxine.

Glycerin is beneficial in enabling colon routines and getting rid of obstipation. Also, it has demonstrated to decrease discomfort and itchiness induced by exterior hemorrhoids.

Light petroleum calms the flaring discomfort connected with rectal fissures and other anorectal situations. The cream further consists of aloe vera that assures to guard the epidermis against microbial and yeast infections. The soothing balm can reduce the enlarged piles and aids recovery. This particular balm might be utilized for each internal and external hemorrhoids. You may use the emulsion Five times per day for total alleviation.


Zinc Oxide Active Agent

Anusol is among the most trustworthy names in regards to premium solutions. This hemorrhoid cream allows coping with the distress connected with piles and hemorrhoids including itchiness, discomfort, ache, bulging and dry skin. Aside from that, the cream decreases the irritation of the anal area, itchiness in and around the backside, rips in the passageway, and soreness after the anal medical operation.

The active elements from this salve are Zinc Oxide, Bismuth Subgallate, Balsam Peru and Bismuth oxide that doesn’t provoke any adverse reactions. Those substances include moderate antibacterial, preventative and astringent traits who aide to repair the hemorrhoidal regions. Balsam Peru is regarded to encourage the revitalization of new epidermis skin cells. They support to calm the pain inside the anal area and various other agitations in the rectum.

This particular ointment is for both internal and external hemorrhoids. However, Anusol specifically not reccomended for children under 18 years of age. And if you are experiencing blood stools then avoid using this product.


Benzocaine Active Agent

Americaine is a Benzocaine cream which is especially developed to reduce soreness and irritation induced by piles along with anorectal swelling. This kind of salve consists of 20% Benzocaine combined with polyethylene glycol 300 and polyethylene glycol 3350 which allows for calming localized discomfort and aching from the hemorrhoidal areas.

The antibacterial trait from this solution can accelerate the recovery course promptly. The benzocaine is an anesthetic that is likely to numbing the afflicted region to give alleviation from irritation. The cream is an unscented and non-oily salve. It will not contribute to stickiness or marks the clothing, so you are relieved from humiliation. The cream could be used multiple occasions per day to lessen the distress and enable painless colon activity. Kids below the age of Twelve will need to seek advice from a doctor before testing this solution.


Non Steroidal Chemical Compounds

HemoTreat Piles Cream is a swift, secure, and powerful medication which facilitates in offering instant alleviation from the pains. The cream is a Hundred Percent risk-free, strong and ideal for equally inner and exterior hemorrhoids.

It utilizes six active substances – camphor, calcium carbonate, eucalyptus oil, petroleum jelly, lanolin and adept sullies that reduces discomfort, soreness, and itchiness, decreases bulging and irritation, addresses dried epidermis. That gives a cure from piles with no undesirable secondary effects. It is instrumental in guarding and rebuilding the inflamed epidermis.

All of the substances utilized in the cream were medically examined and tested for safeness and efficiency. The exclusive and ingenious combination had exceeded all the medical tests that check for tolerance among participants. This salve doesn’t include any steroid drugs, chemical compounds or artificial substances.

Home Remedies for Hemorrhoids & how to treat Hemorrhoids

Once the hemorrhoids have shown up, you could be one of the unlucky individuals with external or protruding hemorrhoids – causing severe pain and or itching. Relieving your self of these uncomfortable sensations can quickly become the priority. There are several home remedies you can try before you need to buy any cream or ointment.

Soothing Bath

hemorrhoid treatment sitz bath 1

Keeping your anal area clean is essential. Take a daily warm bath instead of a shower when you have hemorrhoids. Letting your sphincter soak for at least 10 minutes will increase blood flow and encourage the healing. Usually, also any itching sensation will diminish, at least while soaking in the warm water. Be sure to gently clean your anal area without any soap, as the ph levels of the detergent will interfere with the natural oils produced and possibly dry out and irritate the skin.

Sitz Bath for external Hemorrhoids

A very popular home remedy is the sitz bath. Similar to the warm bath to soak the anus and possible hemorrhoids, a sitz bath can relieve irritations and protruding hemorrhoids. The warm water will relax the sphincter and provide some degree of relief. Adding Epsom salts can further be beneficial for skin soothing. Add 1 cup for every 2 quarts of water. Soak for 10 – 15 minutes for two to three times per day. You can buy the Sitz Bath and the Epsom salts on Amazon.

Witch Hazel for Hemorrhoids

Witch Hazel is a natural cream containing tannins that provide soothing relief to your hemorrhoids. Pure Witch Hazel is available from any drug store. There are different application methods and products.

You can add it to water and soak with a sitz bath, or you can apply it pure after your bowel movements. Just be sure to buy products only containing natural ingredients without synthetics, or you can make the hemorrhoids worse. 

Buy Witch Hazel on Amazon

Cold Compress

hemorrhoid treatment cold compress

Applying a cold compress to your rectum can provide significant relief. There are specific compresses that are comparable to frozen packs known from your freezer. A cold compress can help to reduce swelling and to relieve itching sensation. You can always also use frozen vegetable packs for example. Just make sure to cover it up with a towel that you can wash due to hygiene reasons. A store-bought special gel icepack is much more comfortable though.  

You can buy the Hemorr Wedge on Amazon here.

Other Hemorrhoid Treatment Options

Other treatment options are available that are applicable at home. Mostly they revolve around hygiene and can be used particularly in combination with other options. But also the traditional doughnut-shaped pillows have to find mention in this overview.

Anal Wipes

hemorrhoid treatment preparation h wipes

Preparation H wipes are the #1 Best Seller on Amazon. They contain diluted Witch Hazel and are flushable in the toilet. Combined with hemorrhoid creams the wipes form a strong hygiene regiment that can relieve and considerably diminish hemorrhoid symptoms.

The moisture in the wipes greatly reduces irritation when wiping your rectum after pooping. Using regular toilet paper can irritate possible external or protruding hemorrhoids. You can buy the wipes on Amazon here.

Anusol Suppositories

hemorrhoid anusol suppositories 1

Sometimes just using hemorrhoid cream is not enough or doesn’t work with you. Anusol is the most popular brand of suppositories. The suppositories are inserted into your rectum and provide long-term pain relief and itch sensation remedies.

Try them out and see if you find the desired relief with this treatment option. You can buy it on Amazon here.

Aylio Donut Seat Cushion for external hemorrhoids

hemorrhoid treatment

The classic hemorrhoid symptom treatment is doughnut-shaped cushions. They do not provide any medical healing but rather provide comfort and pressure relief. Sitting for long periods of time on your butt can irritate possible external hemorrhoids and give severe pain. A cushion really can make you comfortable in various environments such as your office, your car or your home.

You can buy the cushion on Amazon here.

Hemorrhoid Medical Procedures and Treatments

There are however various gravities of hemorrhoid conditions or piles. You will not always be able to treat them at home with remedies or over the counter treatment options. If you encounter symptoms of pain and itching and the above solutions are not helping after more than a few weeks, you should seek professional medical attention.

The several treatments are listed in detail below and range from minimally invasive to full surgeries if you suffer from grade 4 internal hemorrhoids that need to medically treated. Your general physician will be able to provide guidance or send you to a specialist (colo-/proctologist). Diagnosing and applying the correct medical treatment is crucial to removing the cause of the condition and for a full recovery.

Also depending on the severity of your hemorrhoids, you will either be viable for the minimally invasive techniques that can be done by the doctors in their offices. If you have a large grade 3 or higher hemorrhoids, you may need surgery to provide long-term relief and fewer side effects.

Best Hemorrhoid Cream

Minimal Invasive Therapy options to remove Hemorrhoids


Coagulation (also called cauterization) uses heat from different sources (laser, infrared or bipolar). When heat is applied to hemorrhoid, it hardens and shrivels the vein instantly relieving you from the condition. There are some side effects like mild discomfort during the process, and the recurrence rate is higher as with the ligation method.

Rubber Band Ligation

For the Rubber Band Ligation, the doctor applies tiny rubber bands at the base of internal hemorrhoid to cut off the blood supply. That should cause the vein to shrink and die off within a few weeks usually. Rubber Band Ligation is the most effective procedure for most patients suffering from persistent bleeding and painful hemorrhoids.

The procedure can cause discomfort after the procedure as the veins or hemorrhoids can react to the rubber banding. Keep track of blood in your stool and provide the data to your doctor, so he can know if the procedure and healing process is going well.


The sclerotherapy is a procedure where your doctor injects a chemical compound into the affected veins and blood clots, that is supposed to shrink the tissue. The injection itself is not painful and usually not as effective as the rubber band ligation.

What is Sclerotherapy and when can it be applied

Used as a minimally invasive treatment, Sclerotherapy is mostly used to treat varicose veins and spider veins. The procedure includes the intravenous injection of a chemical compound known as sclerosing agent directly into the affected area and veins.

Not only is the treatment used to reduce the presence of spider veins or varicose veins, but also to reduce the pain caused by the distressed veins. Also Sclerotherapy can limit unwanted side effects caused by the condition.

Varicosed or Spider Veins can cause cramps, pain, itchiness, discomfort and possibly unnatural coloring of the affected veins.

Approximately one two out of ten adults are diagnosed with varicose veins at least once in their lifetime, with increasing occurrence by advancing age. Over 320,000 sclerotherapy treatments were performed in the United States in 2017 (source PubMed Central).

When is Sclerotherapy best suited

Regions mostly affected by varicose veins are the feet and legs.

The veins contracted could be swollen, off-colored, increase in size dramatically and cause great irritation when located deep under the epidermis or skin. While spider veins are normally smaller and nearer to the surface of the skin, they can look blue, purple or dark red.

On occasion sclerotherapy can be applied to provide treatment for certain types of hemorrhoids. Sclerotherapy for hemorrhoids makes sense if the hemorrhoids are rather small and located externally from the anus. The classification for these hemorrhoids are grade 1 and 2 hemorrhoids. Also this procedure may be applied when the hemorrhoids are bleeding and when a surgical treatment like a hemorrhoidectomy is not an option due to health issues and pre-dispositions.

Considering the size and severity of the irritated veins, sclerotherapy may be considered to treat the damaged veins in the following regions or areas

– Thighs
– Ankles
– Feet
– Anus
– Nose
– Calves

How does Sclerotherapy work?

Subject to the degree of the hemorrhoid or vein irritation, sclerotherapy can last from 20 minutes to over an hour. Depending also on the application and where the treatment is taking place you may need to lie down and get local anesthesia.

If the affected veins are deep down under your epidermis, your medical practitioner may need to use an ultrasound as part of the treatment.

The application includes cleansing of the skin where the treatment will take place. Through injection with a needle the doctor will apply the sclerosing agent. These chemical compounds usually contain

– Hypertonic saline solutions
– Sodium tetradecyl sulfate
– Polidocanol

The agent or foam compound will result in the veins closing off to blood flow and redirect the bloodstream to the surrounding veins. This will result in the damaged vein shrinking and less visibility, ultimately the vein will shrivel and the discomfort will subside very quickly.

Depending on the gravity of your condition, the treatment may include further applications of the sclerosing agent of up to four or five times and multiple consultations with the medical professional.

Best Hemorrhoid Cream

Hemorrhoid Surgery

Stapled Hemorrhoidopexy

Also called the stapled hemorrhoidectomy, is typically used only for internal hemorrhoids. The veins with blood clots are stapled at the base to cut off the blood supply to the vein tissue. The hemorrhoids are supposed to die off and shrink or wither. Once dead they will fall off, and you should be relieved of the pain and itch.

The recovery time for this procedure is minimal, and you usually can return home and work within a few days. However, the stapling is associated with an increased rate of recurrence compared to the conventional hemorrhoidectomy.

Side effects and complications can be persistent bleeding, urinary retention and pain and in rare cases a blood infection (sepsis).


The hemorrhoidectomy is the most common medical procedure for longterm persisting hemorrhoids or piles. This method lays focus on removing the damaged hemorrhoidal tissue with incisions. The surgery usually is done with either local anesthesia or general anesthetic sedation. On rare occasions also spinal anesthetic may be used.

Hemorrhoidectomy is the best way to treat the most severe form of hemorrhoids. Known side effects from this procedure that are most common are bladder problems or urinary tract infections.